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The Glass Bottom Boat,(1966) romantic/comedy. Directed by Frank Tashlin. Cast: Doris Day and Rod Taylor.

Jennifer Nelson, a widow working in the public relations office for a space laboratory, meets her boss Bruce Templeton when he accidentally catches his fishing line on her mermaid outfit, leaving her bottomless.. While she is working part time as a mermaid for her father who owns a glass bottom boat. Templeton, soon learns that she is working at his plant, hires her to write a biography about him while he is test-piloting a new rocket. Jenny's habit of calling her dog Vladimir at home, catches the suspicions of CIA.

When she overhears Templeton discussing that he believes that she is a foreign spy. She makes a game of it by making a phony phone call at a party at Templeton's home. Unknown to her, a secret formula has been hidden in her purse, and the real espionage agent follows her home. Jenny jumps out of a window and a hilarious chase begins.
Will the real foreign spy be caught?
One of my favorite scenes is when Doris Day is dressed up as Mata-Hari . Another favorite scene is when Robert "Napoleon Solo" Vaughn shows up in a cameo at the party. You can hear a clip of the "Man from U.N.C.L.E." theme playing in the background.

The rest of the supporting cast is fun. Dick Martin is wonderful as Taylor's partner, and Arthur Godfrey is great as her Dad. Paul Lynde is hilarious as a paranoid security guard, who goes under cover in drag. Dom DeLuise plays a cute part as an inept spy.
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by Joe Lubin
Performed by Doris Day (uncredited)

by Joe Lubin and Curly Howard (as Jerome Howard)
Performed by Doris Day (uncredited)

"Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)"
Music and Lyrics by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans
Performed by Doris Day


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This is a really enjoyable movie!

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Hi Lolita, I really enjoy movies with cameos.:)

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