Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two movie Legends: Doris Day and Rock Hudson.

The year was 1959 when playboy, Rock Hudson and girl next door Doris Day, were first paired for their trilogy of movies: Pillow Talk(1959), Lover Come Back(1961) and Send me No Flowers(1964). This collection of films are simple and funny. Perfect comedies with great performances by Hudson and Day. I really enjoy watching them on a summer afternoon with a cup of tea.

Pillow Talk(1959). The film is about Jan Morrow a interior decorator. She lives alone and claims to be quite happy, when questioned by her drunken housekeeper, Alma. Jan shares a party line, with Brad Allen a Broadway composer and playboy.

Jan and Brad, have never met, fight over the use of the party line, as Brad is constantly using the phone to sing to his collection of girlfriends a love song supposedly written just for them.

One of Jan's clients is millionaire Jonathan Forbes, who is madly in love with Jan. Unknown to Jan, Jonathan is Brad's old college buddy and Broadway benefactor.

One evening in a nightclub, Brad finally sees Jan dancing. Attracted to her, he fakes a Texan accent and invents a new persona: Rex Stetson, wealthy rancher from Texas. He sweeps Jan off her feet, and they begin seeing each other. Jan cannot stop talking about her new found love on the phone to Brad Allen, while Brad teases Jan by suggesting that "Rex" is not all he appears to be. Will Jan ever find out who Tex really is?

Lover Come Back(1961). The story is about life in a New York advertising agency. Jerry Webster, a Madison Avenue ad executive who wines and dines his clients, even setting them up on dates to get their advertising business.

Jerry's rival is Carol Templeton. Although she has never met him, Carol can not believe Jerry's unethical antics and reports him to the Ad Council. Jerry gets himself out of trouble by sending a chorus girl, Rebel Davis, to play up to the council members.

Jerry promises Rebel a spot in commercials, so he shoots commercials featuring her for “VIP,” a non-existent product. The commercials accidentally are shown on TV, thanks to company president, Pete Ramsey. Jerry needs to come up with a product quickly. He bribes a chemist, Dr. Linus Tyler, to come up with “VIP”. Jerry pretends to be the inventor to Carol, while she is attempting to steal the account from him. Will Carol ever learn who Jerry really is?

Send Me No Flowers (1964). Comedy. Director : Norman Jewison. Cast; Rock Hudson, Doris Day, and Tony Randall. After Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back, it is the third and final film in which Hudson, Day and Randall performed together.

Judy and George Kimball have been married for 8 years. The whole time Judy has been humoring George's hopeless hypochondria. While at George's doctor visit he overhears his Dr. discussing another patient. Thinking that the Dr. is talking about him, George believes that he has just a few weeks to live. After sharing the bad news his neighbor and best friend, Arnold. George buys three cemetery plots for himself, his wife, and her next husband and then makes plans to sets out to find Judy's next husband.. They happen to run into Bert Power, a college friend of Judy's who is now an oil tycoon.

But George's plans backfire and Judy is convinced that George is trying to cover up his own affair. George finds himself in hot water with a recently-separated friend whom George is trying to protect from Winston Burr, the town womanizer. When Judy walks in on them in the coat room. To clear himself, George tells Judy that he only has a few weeks to live.. Her concern quickly turns to rage when she learns from George's doctor that he is in perfect health. Arnold's advice, only makes the situation worse, and Judy, now certain there is another woman, begins packing. Will Judy ever believe him?


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