Thursday, November 3, 2011

April in Paris(1952).

April in Paris(1952). Musical starring Doris Day and Ray Bolger. Directed by David Butler.

The story begins in Washington, D.C., when "Sam" Putnam, the Assistant Secretary to the secretary of State, is embarrassed to learn that a letter inviting Ethel Barrymore, to represent the American theater at the International Festival of the Arts in Paris, was accidentally sent to a Broadway chorus girl, "Dynamite" Jackson.

Hoping to make thing right, Sam flies to New York to explain the mix-up to Ethel. Later, when he is criticized for what he has done, he re-invites her, telling her how romantic Paris is in the springtime. On the French luxury liner to Paris, Ethel, meets several male festival representatives, who are all worried that Ethel, will disgrace them.

Also on the ship, is Philippe Fouquet, a French nightclub owner, famous for his womanizing, is work as a waiter for his return ticket to France, as his money has been indefinitely frozen for back taxes in the U.S.

On the last night of the cruise, Philippe takes her to the shipboard ball where she hopes that Sam, will join them. Unfortunately, Philippe has to change his plans, when he is called back to the kitchen, Philippe, invites Ethel to go with him. So.. they have their party in the kitchen, but when the delegation learns that Ethel is dancing in the kitchen, Sam is sent to tell her that she will be returned to the U.S. Before he knows it, he is caught up in the party and by the time he meets up with Ethel, he has joined the dancing. At the end of the evening, Ethel and Sam know they are in love. Even though Sam is engaged to his boss's daughter, Marcia Sherman. They are secretly married by the ships captain.

Philippe, soon learns that the "captain" was really Fran├žois, a busboy. How will Philippe tell Ethel and Sam, that their marriage is phony before it is too late?

Video: Doris Day and Claude Dauphin perform in the 1952 movie "April in Paris".

Another wonderful Doris Day movie, I loved the dance routines: "I'm Gonna Ring the Bell Tonight" and the political-themed dance with former Presidents' paintings, coming to life to dance.

Doris Day, plays a chorus girl, who by mistake is chosen, instead of Ethel Barrymore, to represent America at a Paris Festival. Her song, "April in Paris" is the highlight of the film.


Irene Palfy said...

oh! Love that one! Have to confess that in the beginning I had trouble to see a romantic character in Ray Bolger.. But it worked.. Such a lovely little film. Thank you for spotlighting it!

Dawn said...

I also had a little trouble seeing a romantic character in Ray Bolger. Oh well. The beautiful muscical numbers make up for it.