Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The West Point Story(1950).

The West Point Story (1950). Musical/ comedy. Director: Roy Del Ruth. Cast: James Cagney, Virginia Mayo and Doris Day.

When director Bixby is offered a job by producer Harry Eberhart, Bix quickly turns the offer down. After Bix's girl friend, Eve Dillon, promises to leave him and take a job in Las Vegas, Bix decides to talk to Eberhart. Eberhart wants Bix to direct the annual West Point "One Hundredth Night" show. Bix, who having served under them in the war, refuses the job. Eberhart then offers to have Eve's Las Vegas job canceled if Bix will convince Tom to perform in his show. Bix is impressed by the Academy's show and by Tom's performance. Bix hits a cadet and is almost fired, but the administration agrees to let him stay if he will become a cadet himself. When all of Bix's arguments fail to convince Tom to give up his military career for the stage, Bix invites movie star Jan Wilson, to West Point, to be Tom's date at the dance and asks for her to help persuade Tom, to leave West Point. The more Jan listens to Tom's plans the less she is on Bix's side.

Lots of singing and dancing by Gordon MacRae, Doris Day, Gene Nelson, James Cagney, and Virginia Mayo. A must see for Doris Day fans:)

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