Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Send Me No Flowers(1964)

Send Me No Flowers (1964). Comedy. Director : Norman Jewison. Cast; Rock Hudson, Doris Day, and Tony Randall. After Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back, it is the third and final film in which Hudson, Day and Randall performed together.

Judy and George Kimball have been married for 8 years. The whole time Judy has been humoring George's hopeless hypochondria. While at George's doctor visit he overhears his Dr. discussing another patient. Thinking that the Dr. is talking about him, George believes that he has just a few weeks to live. After sharing the bad news his neighbor and best friend, Arnold. George buys three cemetery plots for himself, his wife, and her next husband and then makes plans to sets out to find Judy's next husband.. They happen to run into Bert Power, a college friend of Judy's who is now an oil tycoon.

But George's plans backfire and Judy is convinced that George is trying to cover up his own affair. George finds himself in hot water with a recently-separated friend whom George is trying to protect from Winston Burr, the town womanizer. When Judy walks in on them in the coat room. To clear himself, George tells Judy that he only has a few weeks to live.. Her concern quickly turns to rage when she learns from George's doctor that he is in perfect health. Arnold's advice, only makes the situation worse, and Judy, now certain there is another woman, begins packing. Will Judy ever believe him.

A perfect comedy with great performances by Hudson, Day, Randall and Lynde.


monty said...

You know I had to comment on this one Dawn. Send Me No Flowers is my favorite Doris Day movie ever. It's perfect to me. Her chemistry with Rock and the whole storyline of this film is just wonderful. And great support from Paul Lynde. Glad you posted it. I will need to write my review of it shortly.

Dawn said...

Monty, I can not wait to read your review.