Thursday, April 22, 2010

It Happened to Jane (1959)

It Happened to Jane (1959) Romantic/ comedy. cast: Doris Day, Jack Lemmon and Ernie Kovacs. Director: by Richard Quine. Written by: Norman Katkov and Max Wilk.

Left a Widow Jane Osgood, owner of a lobster supply business in Cape Anne, Maine, finds her buisness threatened when the E&P Railroad does not deliver her lobsters time and she loses her entire shipment. Now wanting to sue the railroad for her loss, Jane asks friend attorney George Denham, to take her case, George assures Jane that the railroad will have to pay her for her loss. Crawford Sloan, the railroad's attorney, advises Malone that the railroad is responsible for Jane's loss and suggests the company deliver a payment check to her. Crawford, accompanied by E&P board member Selwyn Harris, present Jane with a check for $700, to pay for the lobsters. Jane, claims that her loss was worth more than that, because the railroad's late delivery ruined her business reputation. George thinks it is best for Jane to take the check, she refuses and points out to George that even though he opposed Aaron Caldwell, the corrupt leader of the town council for years, he has never been able to defeat him. Jane goes to court, the jury awards Jane $2,500 to cover her loss, Harris refuses to pay and tells Jane that his company will appeal the verdict. Jane's next move is to apply for a Writ of Execution against the railroad, and Sheriff Wilbur Peterson awards Jane the train known as "Old 97" instead of the money owed her. Matilda Runyon,a switchboard operator, contacts a New York newspaper. The media swarm to Cape Anne, glorifying the idea of a widow taking on big business, focusing on the struggle for "equality for all." The story affects the whole town and reaches a national audience. Jane and Malone will do whatever they can to beat the other, both who see the fight as a matter of principle. Meanwhile, New York reporter Larry Hall, falls for Jane. This does not make George Denham very happy.

It Happened to Jane", is a great family picture. One of the stars of the film is the TRAIN. "It Happened to Jane" shares one of the last images of use of the steam engine. Doris Day and Jack Lemmon make the story entertaining.

Fun Facts:

Jack Lemmon wrote that he thought he and Doris Day had very good chemistry together, and he regretted that they never did another film.
It Happened to Jane(1959), Movie trailer.

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Good choice Dawn, I have seen this one and it's one of my favorites of Doris.