Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Midnight Lace(1960)

Midnight Lace (1960). Mystery-thriller. Cast: Doris Day, Rex Harrison, Myrna Loy and Roddy McDowall. Director: David Miller. Screenplay: Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts. Based on the play Matilda Shouted Fire by Janet Green. The film was remade as a television movie by Universal Television for NBC in 1981.

In the London fog, heiress Kit Preston is running for he life trying to escape from a creepy voice that is threatening to kill her. When she gets to her apartment her husband Tony dismisses the incident as a British practical joke. The next day at a board meeting Tony learns that someone has been buying his stock out from under him. When Kit arrives for their lunch date, Tony informs her that he must cancel because of his financial troubles at work. Kit soon becomes a target of near fatal accidents and threatening phone calls. Kits problem is the police are convinced that she may be just a lonely housewife who is looking for attention. Tony makes plans to take Kit to Venice. Later, while she is packing, he calls Bea to stay with Kit. Right Before he leaves, the phones again, and this time Tony hears it, he phones Byrnes to tell him to surround the building. Will the police get there in time?

This film will have you thinking of the movie: Dial M for Murder. This is not your typical Doris Day fluffy movie. Although... Doris Day, does wear some beautiful clothes. She plays her part to the hilt in the elevator scene. Rex Harrison, as always is suave and sophisticated. Myrna Loy, as the aunt, is wonderful.


The white gown that Doris Day wears is the same dress she wore to the Oscar ceremony for her nomination in Pillow Talk (1959).

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