Saturday, March 27, 2010

Julie (1956)

Julie (1956). Thriller. Written and directed by Andrew L. Stone. Cast: Doris Day and Louis Jourdan. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and Best Song ("Julie" by Leith Stevens and Tom Adair, which Doris Day sings during the opening credits). It is the first film to feature the subplot of a stewardess piloting a plane to safety; later used in 1975's Airport 1975 and in Airplane!.

While driving home in Monterrey, California, Julie asks her husband Lyle about his jealousy issues. Lyle speeds up, which swerves the car all over the cliff road. Terrified Julie tries to keep control of the steering wheel. After Lyle stops the car and asks her forgiveness, Julie is so confused that she fells sorry for her husband's emotional problems. Julie informs Lyle, that Cliff Henderson has told her that her first husband's suicide was not because of financial problems as they had first believed.

Suspecting foul play, Cliff asks Julie about her husbands emotional problems and suggests that Bob's death could have been a murder made to look like a suicide. Julie admits that Lyle was in their home the night Bob died. Julie, wanting to find the truth, tells Lyle if Bob had not committed suicide, she would have killed him herself so that she and Lyle could be together. Lyle admits to murdering Bob, then makes threats to Julie not to leave him.

The next morning, Julie says she needs to borrow coffee from the neighbors and makes her plans to escape. Lyle insists on going with her, Julie suggests he go alone, thinking she can make her escape while he is gone. Her friend Cliff does everything he can to help her, but.. Benton seems able to track them down everywhere they go. The police hands are tied, Julie has to come up with a plan to save her self.

I loved to see Doris Day perform in a suspense/drama. The movie is tense and keeps you on the edge of your seat as she tries to escape her husband. I also loved the the scenery. I can see why Doris Day fell in love with the area.


While on location for this film, Doris Day fell in love with the area. She retired there in the late 1970s, and has lived there ever since.

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