Sunday, February 28, 2010


With Six You Get Eggroll (1968.) Comedy. Cast: Doris Day and Brian Keith, George Carlin, Jamie Farr, William Christopher, Barbara Hershey, Alice Ghostley and Pat Carroll. The Grass Roots make a cameo appearance.

This was Doris Days final acting appearance in a feature film, since her TV show The Doris Day Show premiered one month later in September 1968. It is also the acting debut of comedian George Carlin.

Tiring of Maxine and Harry trying to find him a date, Iverson leaves the party, but later runs into his hostess Abby, in an all-night store. After the the widow's apology for her relatives' trying to set them up, Iverson makes a date to see Abby again. They fall in love and marry, Abby's sons, Flip, Mitch, and Jason, fight continuously with Iverson's daughter Stacey. Even the family dogs are fighting. Wanting to get away from all the trouble in the house they sleep in a camper parked in the drive way.

During a argument Abby drives off in the camper. Iverson falls out the back the camper, in his under ware. Abby, worried, starts looking for her husband, with the help of a group of hippies. After the camper has an accident with a chicken truck, Abby is arrested. Hearing of the accident, the family rush to her rescue, on the way they have an accident with the same chicken truck. The driver gets into a fight with the family. Will they all end up in the slammer?

This is a very cute family film. I especially enjoyed the Grass Roots groovy cameo performance. I thought, Day's final film is a was very entertaining. What could have been a run of the mill comedy had clever writing, the charm and chemistry of the two stars, and an excellent supporting cast. Comic George Carlin makes a fun film debut playing the owner of a hamburger stand. Barbara Hershey, who had starred in the television series The Monroes (1967), also made her feature film debut as Keith's teen daughter. And Alice Ghostley showed off her acting talents with funny lines as Day's housekeeper.


monty said...

I gotta see more Doris films...

Dawn said...

Monty, I think I have seen most of Doris Day's movies.